assembly procedure

montageablauf zaun1

1. Screw the "Pfosten" connecting part to the post. Pay attention to the "OBEN" labelling. Using a 5.5 mm drill, pre-drill and countersink the holes to 35 mm.

Fence assembly figure 2

2. Screw the "Pfosten" connecting part to the post at equally spaced intervals. Please not that the bottom fence transom has a gap measuring at least 100 mm to the ground.

montageablauf zaun3

3. Centrally position, mark, countersink and screw the "Riegel" connecting part to the frontal sides of the transom.

montageablauf zaun4

4. Insert the bottom and top transoms but do not fully engage the top transom.

montageablauf zaun5

5. Position the pre-assembled frame and vertically concrete / screw into the foundation. Please see "Anchoring options". Once the concrete has set or after the screwing process has been completed, remove the top transom, insert all of the missing transoms from beneath and fully engage.


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