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In using GCC (German Compact Composite), a wood-polymer material has been developed that is a true all-rounder. The composite primarily consists of 75 % wood fibres that undergo a patented process in order to supplement them with environmentally-friendly additives and polymers. The „Made in Germany“ material is free from PVC and is highly versatile. Thanks to their high resilience and low thermal expansions, GCC products always remain in top shape. As our material is wood-based, natural processes change the colour and feel over time. We deliberately refrain from chemical sealing and, instead, rely on the ability of the natural product to protect itself. Over 15 years of experience and development speak for the material; we don‘t make any promises we can‘t keep!

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Not simply a material, just simply amazing.

What it is and what it can do:

// Material with high wood content – no PVC
// Resistant surface
// Coloured material
// Natural colour development
// Solid products – no hollow section
// Amazingly thin – highly resilient
// Pleasant barefoot feeling – excellent surefootedness
// Low brittleness, does not splinter
// Suitable for toys according to EN 71-3
// Simple processing just like wood
// Systematic laying


Hard shell, many cores. POWOLIT is a sub-type of GCC and combines the best of three worlds. In addition to wood and polymers, POWOLIT is also supplemented with stone granules in order to create a harder surface. This harder surface makes the material even stronger and more resistant to stains and loads compared to conventional wood materials. POWOLIT is a natural, changing material. The colours of the products will become lighter over the course of time and obtain visually appealing accents.

What it is and what it can do:

// climate-neutral production with renewable energy
// a closed material cycle results in permanent and useful carbon reservoirs
// more raw material conservation
// Enduring user experience
// Creating a safe and healthy environment for the home
// Our products meet the criteria for sustainable building and green building conformity with the DGNB System, LEED® and BREEAM®

Closed materials cycle

In these categories, our GCC wood-based material has been
Cradle to Cradle Certified® certified*:

*Version 3.1, renewal 27 Aug 2024, GCC HARZart is currently in the process of certification.
More information on certification available at www.torrotimber.com/en/
Cradle to Cradle Certified® is a registered brand of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

c2c Gold LogoIf one thing is in our genes, then it is the Cradle to Cradle® principle. It describes a materials cycle, in which products or raw materials circulate within recurring cycles. We have been installing a special returns system since 2005 in order to ensure that our GCC wooden material products can be used. This enables us to retain and use existing material resopurces without a change of quality. This enables us to expand and produce construction productions that conform with the highest quality standard – without additional consumption of new natural raw materials.

You will find returns dealers here: www.torrotimber.com/en/retailer

GCC conforms to Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold Standard*. Our GCC (German Compact Composite) material has been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold. The certification is awarded by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. This means that our GCC material has received the confirmation that is both human and ecotoxicologically harmless as far as all of the contents are concerned at a global level of quality. The ecological evaluation of the integrated water management and the climate-neutral energy concept during production and the high level of social standards at our production site in Germany round off the comprehensive material and process evaluation in an integrated manner. GCC is therefore conforming with the highest eco-effectiveness standard.

Our understanding
of sustainability

Tailor-made for outdoor areas

Transform your garden area into a place of well-being with durable, easy-to-maintain and unique products. With the aid of the catalogue and the online planner, you can find suitable products and materials for your project and quickly and easily plan the implementation of it. Our range of boards, privacy screens and fences boasts a series of shades, structures with a wood appearance as well as the most diverse formats meaning that you can design your outdoor area completely in accordance with your demands and personal taste.

Allow dreams to come true. Simply design your outdoor area from the comfort of your own home. Whether to visualise initial ideas or to implement concrete plans, a few clicks is all it takes to learn what material you need and obtain respective plans and assembly instructions.

Please use the following link to discover where you can purchase torroTIMBER® as well as the accessories: www.torrotimber.com/en/retailer

3D planning

Simply decide.
Plan simply.

Simply cut.
Simply drill.
Simply grind.

Simple material processing

We have created a material that is extremely easy to maintain and is also resistant. Thanks to the material structure, products are as easy to process as is the case with wood. Whether cutting, drilling or grinding, modify the material as you see fit or as the situation demands.

Simple terrace maintenance

Regular care minimises persistent deposits such as pollen, dust or the settlement of organic substances. We recommend cleaning the deck thoroughly at least twice a year (and more frequently if necessary). The outdoor temperature should be at least 15°C when cleaning the deck. Please proceed as follows when cleaning:
    1. Brush away any dry, loose dirt from the terrace deck.
    2. Sufficiently water the entire terrace deck and keep moist for at least 15 minutes.
    3. Clean the terrace deck using a solid brush or scrubber. If a deeper clean is required, please also use a surface cleaner with a rotating brush.
    4. Thoroughly rinse with clear tap water and pull off with water.

Simply real natural fibres

Due to the natural raw material, small inclusions of bast and natural fibres may occur. These fibres often rise to the surface after being subjected to weathering and water absorption. The majority of these inclusions will disappear once again over time if the terrace is used normally. They can also be mechanically removed if they are bothersome. The product will not be damaged.

Simply clean with water

Everyone knows that it‘s not possible to control the weather. The formation of water marks as a result of precipitation or dust deposits are a natural consequence. They occur particularly frequently in the transitional area of covered areas as well as in uncovered areas. Unfortunately, these edges cannot be completely avoided. However, they are easy to remove with clear water. Regularly cleaning and maintaining the surfaces has a preventative impact against new water stains and reduces their occurrence over time.

Simply wait

Your terrace is full of life and that‘s a good thing! Don‘t worry about traces of use or instances of “polishing” that are caused by the furniture. Weathering usually causes traces of use on the deck board surface to disappear over time. So sit back and relax! However, if you do want to do something about it, just clean your terrace regularly. This ensures that fewer visible traces of use occur.

Powerful cleaning with the GCC scouring powder

Use the scouring powder to thoroughly clean your severly soiled torroTIMBER® terrace surfaces. It does not include any tensides or other chemicals and it also does not pose a risk to groundwater. 2 kg of scouring powder suf ce for approx. 20 m2. Do not apply to sensitive surfaces or mask them in advance, do not use on co-extruded terrace decks. Cleaning with scouring powder is carried out between steps 3 and 4 of the terrace care instructions. You will nd the instructions for use on the product label.

The safety datasheet and the list of ingredients is provided at: www.novo-tech.de/service

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