Concrete edge stone structure


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1  Soil formation | 2  Gravel or ballast bed | 3  Concrete edge stone | 4  Rubber pad | 5  Construction beams | 6  Retaining band | 7  Securing clamp | 8  Floorboard | 9  Connection profile


The sub-construction can also be constructed on concrete edge stone or borders provided that the construction beam centre distances as illustrated in the instructions are observed. In doing so, please note that the construction beams at the start, middle and end of the floorboard as well as the side support points of the construction beams must be anchored to the concrete slabs.

In accordance with constructive wood preservation principles, we recommend always laying with a gradient of at least 2 % in the direction of the floorboard in order to ensure that the water can be guided away from the house. Observing this recommendation prevents water stains and waterlogging as well as further damage to the building.



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